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1) O Come and Let Us Worship Him
Psalm 95:1-7, Music: Dwight Armstrong

  1. O come, let us, in songs to God, our cheer-ful voic-es raise;
    In joy-ful shouts let us the Rock of our sal-va-tion praise!
    Be-fore His pres-ence let us come with praise and thank-ful voice;
    Let us sing psalms to Him with grace, and make a joy-ful noise!

  2. For God, a might-y God and King, a-bove all gods He is;
    The depths of earth are in His hand, the strength of hills is His.
    To Him the spa-cious sea be-longs, for He the same did make;
    The dry land al-so from His hands, its form at first did take.

  3. O come, and let us wor-ship Him, let us bow down with-al;
    And on our knees, be-fore the Lord, Our Mak-er, let us fall.
    Be-cause he on-ly is our God, and we His peo-ple are;
    And of His pas-ture, we are sheep, in His al-might-y care.

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